Terms of Use

Thank you for taking the time to visit and/or use hypergamez.com. We (referred to as we, us, or Sado Pte Ltd) provide website features and other services to you when you visit or navigate at Sado Pte Ltd (“the Site”), use our products or services (collectively “the Services”). Sado Pte Ltd provides the Services to you pursuant to the terms and conditions outlined in this agreement.


1.1 The use of the Services and/or access to the Site is governed by the terms and conditions set forth above, including the Privacy Rules, Product Listing Rules, and any other terms and restrictions relating to the use and/or operation of the Site that Sado Pte Ltd may publish from time to time. This agreement, as well as all of the Site’s other terms and conditions, will be referred to as “the Regulations.” You agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions by using the Site or Services. You must not use the Site or any Service if you do not agree to the Regulations.

1.2 Users must not use the Services or accept the Regulations if they (a) are not of legal age to form a binding contract with Sado Pte Ltd or (b) are not permitted to use the Services under the laws of the country/region in which the Services are utilized.

1.3 Users understand and agree that Sado Pte Ltd maintains the right to change its Site and Services at any time. The Regulations will be updated to reflect these changes. You agree to be bound by any and all changes that may affect if you continue to use the Site and Services.

1.4 The Regulations must be entirely drafted in the English language. In the event that the Regulations are translated into another language and the English version and the translation differ, the English version will take precedence.

1.5 Users may sign a separate agreement with Sado Pte Ltd for specific services provided by Sado Pte Ltd. In the event of a conflict or inconsistency between the Regulations and the Additional Provisions for that particular service, the Additional Provisions will take precedence over the Regulation (s).1.6 The Regulations may be unilaterally changed in writing by an authorized person(s) of Sado Pte Ltd.

1.7 When you use any Services or send us emails, you are communicating with us electronically. We’ll communicate with you by email, alerts on the Website, and other methods. You acknowledge that all agreements, notices, disclosures, and other communications that we offer you electronically fulfill any legal requirement that such communications be in writing unless mandatory applicable laws state otherwise.


2.1 Joining hypergamez.com is free of charge.

2.2 The user must first sign in, in order to access and use the Site. Sado Pte Ltd has the right to restrict access to or suspend the provision of Services (including, but not limited to, any services and/or features of the Site) without prior notice to you.

2.3 Different services may be available in different countries or localities (or additional functionalities incorporated into the Site). There is no guarantee that all Users will be able to access a Service or functionality of a certain kind of scope. With respect to the use of Services, Sado Pte Ltd reserves the right to restrict, refuse or create a different level of access for various Users (or any other functionality incorporated into the Site).

2.4 Sado Pte Ltd reserves the right, without prior notice, to introduce, change, or increase the prices for Sado Pte Ltdany Services (or any functionalities incorporated into a Service/the Site), impose terms and conditions of use, suspend, or discontinue any Services (or any functionalities incorporated into a Service/the Site), impose terms and conditions of use, suspend, or discontinue any Services (or any functionalities incorporated into a Service/the Site).

2.5 You have up to 30 days following the transaction date to request a refund (look for more details in the refund section below)


3.1 Subject to your compliance with the Regulations and payment of any applicable fees, Sado Pte Ltd grants you a limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable, non-sublicensable license to access and use the Services for personal and non-commercial purposes.

All rights not expressly given to you in these Conditions of Use or any Service Terms are reserved and retained by Sado Pte Ltd its licensors, suppliers, publishers, or rights holders.

3.3 You may not use the hypergamez.com Services in any way that is not approved. The hypergamez.com Services may only be used in compliance with the law. The licenses granted by Sado Pte Ltd will be terminated if you do not comply with the Regulations or laws.

3.4 The User agrees to use the Sites and Services for his or her own personal purposes alone.

The User is not permitted to:

(a) duplicate, copy, download, disseminate, sell, distribute, or resell any Services, information, texts, graphics, video clips, sounds, screenplays, files, databases, or lists available on or via the Sites (Site Content);

(b) copy, download, compile, or otherwise utilize any Site Content that is competitive to Sado Pte Ltd for commercial purposes, or use the Site Content in any other commercial fashion. It is illegal to retrieve Site Content in a systematic manner without specific authorization from Sado Pte Ltd in order to construct or compile, either directly or indirectly, a collection, compilation, database, or catalog (using robots, search engines, automatic or manual methods).

Every user or visitor of hypergamez.com needs to keep in mind that any content or materials gained from this site may not be used in any way.

3.5 The User must read and understand the hypergamez.com Personal Information Protection Policy, which details how Sado Pte Ltd and our partners protect and use their users’ personal information. When using the Site or Services, you agree to obey and be bound by the terms and conditions of Personal Information Protection, as well as any other applicable regulations and policies relating to Personal Information Protection.

3.6 The User agrees not to engage in any action that jeopardizes the integrity of Sado Pte Ltd’s or any other User’s computer systems or networks or attempts to obtain unauthorized access to such systems or networks.

3.7 Using automation scripts and apps that negatively impact server performance will be regarded as a rule violation, and the account may be sanctioned.

3.8 Any order placed by a buyer which has not been paid for 48 hours is subject to cancellation.


4.1 The User must subscribe/register to/with the Site in order to obtain access to and use some Services. In the following paragraphs, any User who has completed the subscription/registration process will be referred to as a “Member.” Each User should only create and maintain one User Account unless Sado Pte Ltd clearly indicates otherwise. The User Account may be terminated or suspended if Sado Pte Ltd has reasonable grounds to think the User has subscribed to or controls two or more user accounts. For any reason, Sado Pte Ltd reserves the right to refuse a User registration application.

4.2 Sado Pte Ltd establishes an account for a User once they register for a Site and assigns them an ID and password (which they choose during the registration process).

4.3 Each account has its own unique ID and password. Each User is solely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality and security of their personal ID and password, as well as all actions taken in connection with their account. Neither User has the authority to assign, share, or authorize the use of their account, private ID, or password to anyone else. The User promises to alert Sado Pte Ltd immediately of any unauthorized use of their password or account, as well as any other breach of their account’s security regulations.

4.4 The User acknowledges that sharing their account with others or allowing access to a large number of people other than their workers may cause irreversible harm to Sado Pte Ltd or other Site users. The User is responsible for protecting Sado Pte Ltd our partners, officers, personnel, agents, and representatives against damages and injury (both financial and non-financial) caused by multiple Users using their accounts. The User further acknowledges that if their account is shared by numerous persons or if keeping it safe is difficult, Sado Pte Ltd will not be liable for any loss or harm resulting from the compromise of safety, and Sado Pte Ltd will have the right to suspend or cancel such a User account without liability to the User.

4.5 You must provide all the needed information to complete the enrollment process. Remember that you must provide correct, up-to-date, and full information.


5.1 All Services provided by Sado Pte Ltd on or through the Sites are provided “AS IS, IF AVAILABLE, and WITH ALL POSSIBLE DEFECTS,” and Sado Pte Ltd expressly disclaims all warranties, including but not limited to any warranty of condition, quality, durability, functioning, reliability, merchantability, or suitability for any particular purpose. All claims, warranties, conditions, and assurances are hereby disclaimed.

5.2 To the fullest extent permitted by law, Sado Pte Ltd does not represent or warrant the authenticity, accuracy, correctness, reliability, quality, stability, completeness, or commonness of any information provided on or via the Sites. Sado Pte Ltd makes no representation or warranty that the manufacturing, import, export, distribution, offering, presentation, purchase, sale, and/or use of any products or services offered on the hypergamez.com Sites/webpages does not infringe on any third-party rights, nor does Sado Pte Ltd make any representation or warranty in any way about any of the Services offered or presented on the Sites.

5.3 Each User/Seller is personally accountable for any loss or damage to Sado Pte Ltd that occurs as a consequence of and/or as a result of any downloaded material. No advice or information was obtained by the User/Seller from Sado Pte Ltd or from/via the Site, whether given orally or in writing, shall be considered as a warranty or representation of any sort.

5.4 The Sites may provide access to non-affiliated third-party services or goods. No warranty or representation is given in any form regarding such services or products. Such services or products are not the responsibility of Sado Pte Ltd or its partners and affiliates.

5.5 Each User agrees to indemnify and hold Sado Pte Ltd our partners, management, officers, and employees harmless from and against any losses, damage, or claims (including legal costs) that may arise as a result of the User’s use of the Sites or Services (including the information published by the User/Seller on the Sites) or violation of any of the Regulations’ terms and conditions. Each User/Seller agrees to hold Sado Pte Ltd our partners, management, officers, and employees harmless from and against any losses, damage, or claims (including legal costs incurred as a result of any warranty infringement or complaints filed by the User against Sado Pte Ltd) that may arise as a result of any warranty infringement or complaints filed by the User against Sado Pte Ltd.

5.6 Sado Pte Ltd is not liable for any direct, indirect, punitive, incidental, consequential, or other damages (including, but not limited to, lost profits or savings, business interruptions, or data loss) caused by:

a) causing damage to goods, samples, data, information, or services purchased or obtained from the User or any third party via any of the Sites;

b) infringing on any third-party rights or claims and/or receiving any demands in relation to the manufacturing, import, export, distribution, offering, presentation, purchase, sale, and/or use of products or services offered on the Sites;

c) any unauthorized access to data or private information by a third party;

d) any other matter relating to the Sites that may constitute carelessness.

5.7 Despite the aforementioned, Sado Pte Ltd, our personnel, agents, partners, legislators, and all other persons acting on our behalf total liability for all claims arising from the use of our Sites or Services during the entire calendar year is limited to the lesser of (a) the total fees paid by Users to Sado Pte Ltd or (b) $1,000 in respect of each User. The preceding term does not absolve the User of the burden of proving the alleged damage. All claims related to the use of the Sites or Services must be filed within three (3) months of the occurrence of the problem.

5.8 The Regulations’ liability limits and exclusions of liability apply to the fullest extent permitted by law, regardless of whether Sado Pte Ltd has been advised of the possibility of such loss.


6.1 In no event will Sado Pte Ltd be liable for any delay, disruption, or error in the content or service provided through the Sites if caused, directly or indirectly, by forces of nature, agents beyond our reasonable control, such as failures of the Internet, computer hardware, telecommunications, or other equipment, blackouts, strikes, labor actions, riots, insurgencies, civil commotion, labor or material shortages, fire, flood, storms, explosions, or other natural or man-made negligence.


7.1 Sado Pte Ltd is the only owner and lawful licensor of all rights and interests in the Sites and their Content. On the Sites and in their Content, business secrets and other intellectual property are protected by international copyright and other laws. All titles, ownership, and intellectual property rights to the Sites and related Content are retained by Sado Pte Ltd and our partners. All rights to any claim brought under the Regulations or by Sado Pte Ltd are reserved in this circumstance.

7.2 Sado Pte Ltd may provide Services in collaboration with unaffiliated third parties (e.g. service provider confirmation and verification). It is illegal to use a third-party trademark, service mark, or logo without first receiving permission from the owner.


8.1 In writing, all legal notices or demands to Sado Pte Ltd shall be addressed to email. Sado Pte Ltd will take notices as soon as they are received.


9.1 Users must sign in and fill out card and billing information, including their legal name and residential address, in order to make a transaction. Users must have their payment authorized by their card issuer. At hypergamez.com Visa and MasterCard debit and credit cards are accepted. Users have the option of paying in a range of currencies throughout the checkout process.

9.2 Following payment, Sado Pte Ltd sends a letter to the User’s email address including the digital license key (a photo or written text). All of the keys are in the correct order.

9.3 Within 30 days of purchase, if the game for which the User purchased the key has not yet been deemed, the User may be eligible for a refund. The funds will be returned to the User’s credit card, which was used to make the purchase.


10.1 Unless otherwise indicated in the Additional Arrangements, the Regulations comprise the whole agreement between you and Sado Pte Ltd in respect of your use of the Site and Service, and supersede all prior agreements, whether oral or written, on the same topic.

10.2 Sado Pte Ltd and the User are independent contractors, and there is no agency, partnership, joint venture, employment, or franchise between them under the Regulations.

10.3 If any provision of the Regulations is determined to be illegal or unenforceable, it should be repealed, but the remaining provisions shall be upheld.

10.4 The scope and size of any section are not defined, limited, or described by headings; they are merely used as a reference.

10.5 The inapplicability of any right Sado Pte Ltd may have, or its waiver of any violation of the Regulations’ provisions, does not waive Sado Pte Ltd’s claim to enforce that right or Sado Pte Ltd’s right to pursue such enforcement non the future.

10.6 Sado Pte Ltd has the capacity to impose the Regulations’ requirements on any person or entity (including Sado Pte Ltd partners) (including all of our rights, titles, advantages, interests, duties, and liabilities).

10.7 Regardless of any conflicting provisions, the Regulations are governed by Singapore law. The parties who approve the Regulations are fully subject to the Singapore court’s jurisdiction.

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